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Monday, 12 August 2013

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

When Shakespeare described how our lives "creep in this petty pace from day to day" there was high drama at the Macbeth castle.  There is no high drama in my life.  Instead there is a sense of days stretching on to no purpose.  Taking a "break" from teaching, I suddenly find that my hours are not consumed by the need to prepare and correct, to spend time trying to figure out how better to reach my students.

Perhaps I should put on a pair of sandwich-boards and hit the streets shouting, "The end is nigh"?  But who would listen?  Record temperatures, extreme weather events, ice caps melting, oceans rising - why aren't we listening to the scientists?  The greatest disaster our society is facing is creeping ever closer, but we consistently fail to act.

Is it because power is controlled by the wealthy who have benefitted most from the violation of our environment?  Because vested interests are greedy for more?  Even though it may kill us all?

I just don't understand that any-one could be so blinded by self-interest.  Profits will mean nothing when crops fail and economies collapse.

But how do we change the way the world is run?

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