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Saturday, 26 July 2014

The vision splendid . . .

Two weeks into our long service leave we are wandering the West McDonnell Ranges, wending our way closer to Alice Springs. During the day we walk through arid countryside, adorned by wildflowers brought out by recent rains. Magnificent gorges protect permanent waterholes that keep wildlife alive through the dry. Floodways on the roads tell us that when it rains the road may be under up to two metres of water. Dry creek beds are wider than the widest part of the Yarra, gouged out by the floods that leave debris matted six foot or more up the trunks of the gums.

A magnificent land – yet so fragile. Life often persists despite the odds. The harsh beauty around me firms my resolve. There is so much worth saving in this world.

The news we have heard when we can get radio reception - planes shot from the sky, deaths in Palestine – remind me that human beings have a talent for bad as well as good. I pray to whatever God will listen that we can start using the intelligence and compassion we were given – use our gifts to create our own Eden in this paradise that surrounds us.

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