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Thursday, 12 March 2015


Spud's been dead for three years now and I've finally had the courage to bring another dog into our home.

After animal shelters and on-line rescue organisations, I went to look at a young dog my daughter found in the on-line "classifieds". I could see that he needed training; I could see that he had some issues; but when he melted on my feet and looked up at me with his amber eyes I couldn't say no.

I'm not fussed about the name he had - Woody - but he had so much to learn. Asking him to learn a new name as well at seven months old seemed a bit much. So I renamed him Would'e.

Would'e eat your slippers? Probably.
Would'e try to eat your dinner off the bench? Most likely.
Would'e be adorable? Definitely.

He's a red kelpie of indeterminate breeding. In other words, a beautiful brown dog with yellow eyes. He's full of beans and a bit insecure, but he improves every day. He can sit, and stay (most of the time) and has almost learned to walk properly on the lead. He can even heel without a lead in certain circumstances. He is struggling with coming when he's called, but getting better at it all the time.

And he's bringing some extra sunshine into my days. With the kids all living independently now (more or less), the house has often seemed empty. And as I struggle to re-invent my life after leaving teaching, Would'e is good company. I'm not just rattling around in the house by myself. He's also an excellent personal trainer, needing at least two decent walks a day.

I don't love him like Spud - not yet. But in his calm moments I glimpse a mature dog of sense and nobility. I'm looking forward to getting there with him.

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