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I first used this blog to publish "Trash" before I knew about ebooks. I wrote "Trash" twenty years ago. The novel explains why, in the original version of "If not for the tomatoes" Annie wrote: "We had aliens come and tell us". It wasn't Al Gore at all.

Annie isn't the hero of "Trash", but she has her own story ( a much more polished novel). Go to smashwords.com and look for "Tipping Point". (Follow the link to the right.)

If you're a first time visitor to my blog, try reading "If not for the tomatoes" first. (It's the short story in Annie's future - look in 6/5/07) This is only half the story, though. The complete story that inspired Tipping Point appears in my other blog as "Our choices".

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Monday, 26 August 2013


This is hard. I'm aiming to write something twice a week or so, but things are so busy. I'm on the roster to help the Greens with various things over the next two weeks. And I've picked up some work - I feel nervous admitting that I miss being at work: people give me strange looks.

I finished reading "Dust" last Friday. It was a satisfying end to the "Wool" series. I'm envious in a way - I'd love to write a story that good. People tell me I write well, but I don't even try to keep my reader on the edge of their seats the way Howey's ripping apocalyptic yarn does.

There were times, though, especially in the first book, when I found myself recognizing Annie's nightmare tunnels in Juliette's silo.

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