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Monday, 26 August 2013

Vote Greens, Australia!

As I look at how this election campaign is being conducted, I fear for the future of democracy in Australia. On one side we have a party led by a man who considers constant repetition of "worst government ever" to be incisive political commentary. He doesn't confuse the electorate by backing up his statements with facts - he must know that the current government has actually done quite well.  Australia is travelling well when compared to the rest of the world - yet the Liberals continue to tell us we've never had it so bad.

His "opponent" is a man who has a reputation that would embarrass Ghenghis Khan. But then, you have to remember that something like 70% of Australia's media are owned by a man who is not even a resident of Australia and who has obviously encouraged a relentless anti-Labor stance in his publications. The press assassinated Julia Gillard, despite the good job she was doing, and now Murdoch wants to change our government. He knows he can trust a conservative government to protect his business interests - after all, the Liberals are clear about supporting business rather than battlers. Of course, they always add the rider about creating jobs, just to show they care for the little person.

There is an obvious solution to dissatisfaction with the major parties. Vote Greens! They have compassionate policies and a commitment to protect the environment. Their influence in our present "minority" government has moderated the major parties and led to some excellent legislation that has changed our country for the better. With so many people so dissatisfied with the major parties, a vote for the Greens will "keep the bastards honest".

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