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Annie isn't the hero of "Trash", but she has her own story ( a much more polished novel). Go to smashwords.com and look for "Tipping Point". (Follow the link to the right.)

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Monday, 16 September 2013

I love to listen to the rain falling. The stars are hiding behind the clouds and the frogs in the gully are loudly happy. They chirp and pobblebonk while I listen to the rain caressing the earth, cleaning the leaves. I can hear the bush drinking.

In the morning the birds whistle and sing in the sparkling trees. The freshness of the world stuns me. With reluctance I prepare to leave my home - go out into the world to earn a living. I am sustained by the knowledge of the beauty that awaits me when I return home.

But the seasons are wrong. This oasis of rain follows summer weather when it should have been winter. The weather records continue - hottest month, hottest year. Am I the only one who sees the patterns and believes the scientists when they call for urgent action?

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