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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Editorial comment

I've been signing on-line petitions for some time now: save the whale, save the rainforests, help little Johnny get the cancer treatment he needs. It's kind of depressing hearing about so many things that should be done but need petitions to give them momentum. Today, however, (Well, okay, it might have been yesterday.) I have finally signed a petition that made me feel kind of hopeful.

Apparently there is a push for newspapers to change their policy concerning letters to the editor. In line with a responsibility to be accurate in their publications, some papers (wish I could remember the names) have decided not to publish letters from climate change deniers. The papers are effectively accepting that climate change is real, and caused by human activity, and any-one who says differently is just plain wrong.

Such a small thing but I feel like cheering. The petition I signed was calling on  Australian papers to follow suit - I believe the Sydney Morning Herald already has. And as unseasonal bushfires rage at the outskirts of Sydney, I feel a quiet surge of hope. Is this the beginning of the change in public opinion that will lead to effective action to save our beautiful world?

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